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our work from 2016

our reel 

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Epic Wings n' things franchise story film

Epic Wings n' things 

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Bussin - rob $tone

bussin - rob $tone

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commercial & video marketing 

tea simplified

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music video & distribution

be honest

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commercial & marketing 

motivate roi

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Rob $tone - Ion sleep ft malik burgers 

ion sleep - rob $tone 

uncle ben - Rob $tone

uncle ben - rob $tone

malik burgers ft. keely


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wedding film highlight

roxanne & josh

 RED Helium 8k with 35mm Xeen Cinema Lens 

RED Helium 8k with 35mm Xeen Cinema Lens 

this is our expertise 

We are a full service Film Production Company, but we don't just stop there. Artista Entertainment is a Video Powerhouse, Audio Specialist, and Marketing tool.

Here is what we can do...

- Film Production (Commercials, Social Videos, Video Campaigns, Youtube Optimization)
- Sound Engineering (Music Recording, Surround Sound Engineering, Film Score & Mastering) 
- Marketing (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, SEO, Google Adwords)
- Design (Photography, Graphic Design, Web) 

In this age of the internet you have to find ways to gain attention to introduce and maintain your brand. Don't be hesitant to contact us and learn more about what your business needs.

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this is what our clients are saying...

Visit Dr. Deepak Dugars Site to learn more about his Beverly Hills, CA Rhinoplasty operation!

A testimonial from one of beverly hills top plastic surgeons dr. deepak dugar 

we have collaborated with Dr. Dugar for many projects most of which include marketing campaigns to further reach his audience and new customers for his rhinoplasty company. Dr. Deepak is a very focused, driven, ambitious individual and always puts his team and clients first. He is located on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and he is truly one of our favorites! Dr. Dugar made sure we always had what we needed for production and our whole team was welcomed with the upmost respect.

He has been on E! News, NewYork Times, and many more top notch articles for his amazing work on several well known hollywood celebs. 

Thank you Dr. Dugar for the kind words about Artista Entertainment!


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